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Scholarship Fund

Australian Rules Football Apparel has also established a Scholarship fund (ARFISF).

This Scholarship is funded by purchases made through ARFA and by sponsorships and donations.

The aim of the Scholarship is to provide International Australian Rules players (Non-Australian born) from around the world an opportunity to experience the Full Football Culture. The Scholarship will provide Internationals with a direct link to Grass-Roots Football in Australia.

Initially this program will be conducted within Victoria with future developments  to cover the rest of Australia. Scholarship participants will be networked with Suburban or Country (VIC) football clubs through their respective Governing Bodies for example, Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

This will allow scholarship holders to be involved in some of the following club activities:

1.      Pre-Season fitness and skills training sessions

2.      Regular weekly training sessions

3.      Practice matches and scheduled season matches

4.      Social networking

5.      Opportunity to research club, fundraising and organisational structures.


How Do I Become Eligible?

All International Clubs will have an automatic entry into the Scholarship Fund.

It is anticipated that the majority of Scholarship funds will be allocated to clubs that have purchased from ARFA. However, monies will also be set aside for clubs that have, at this stage, not purchased, but would like to nominate a suitable candidate.

A selection process is applicable for all candidates with a minimum age of 18 through to 28. For interested parties, please forward to Australian Rules International Scholarship Fund (ARISF) the following details:

1.      Player Profile


  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Occupation

  • Marital Status

  • Height and weight

  • Club(s) affiations

  • Years played

  • Position played or preferred

  • Have you fulfilled a committee/official role at your club?

2.      Local club recommendation signed by personal reference (outside of immediate family) with any other club representative for example, President or Coach

3.      Work reference

4.      Intended length of stay

5.      Website questionnaire

6.      Completed ARFISF Questionnaire

While in Australia, ARFA will also endeavor to make arrangements for successful participants to attend any associated football accreditation courses.

These may include:

1.      Recognised Australian Rules coaching qualifications (minimum Level 1)

2.      Recognised Australian Rules umpiring qualifications

3.      Development Officers (Junior and Senior)

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Victorian Amateur Football Association

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